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Here we go!

Not sure if you heard it this morning but we just made the announcement that our first Low Dough show of the year is already getting fired up.

And yes it is the one and only Motorhead!
Lemmy and the boys will be bringing the loudest show on earth to Kansas City on Feb. 17 at The Midland.

And yes it is a Low Dough so that means you will get to see a killer show for $9.89

If you are a aRockaholic your ticket goes on sale Wednesday morning at 10 am.

Do not miss this one!

Ill see you there!
Till next time!

01/10/2011 10:27AM
Here we go!
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01/13/2011 8:16PM
This show is incredible. Three great bands, and thanks to 98.9, a very low (face) ticket price. Thank you! Unfortunately, the tickets are really $24 because Ticketmaster is adding $14 to the price! UNbelievable!!! It's amazing that they get away with this.
01/14/2011 12:28PM
whos opening the show . clutch or valient thorr?
01/24/2011 9:46AM
Shari O. Hughes
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