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Here we are 2011!

Well, it has been a good year so far.

Already been able to ride my bike to work (not a heat wave but good for January in KC)

We have a lot of good shows on the horizon.

Little rumors starting to float about Rockfest 2011 (and they sound good!)

Life is good!
Here is to a great start of 2011!


01/04/2011 12:43PM
Here we are 2011!
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01/07/2011 1:22AM
Yep shaping up to be a good year. If the rest is as good as the start we can truly be happy. Alcohol Rehab
01/09/2011 5:19PM
Andrea Burkhart
I was wondering if you all have set a date to release rock fest 2011's date. I've went every year for the last 4 years, go to hot topic, spencers, or cerilla's and get me an outfit. And just got my nipples peirced for my birthday last month was wondering because my co-workers have wrote down may 14th and it hasn't even been annouced yet. There will only be one person getting off for rock fest this year!!!!!!!! I don't want to miss it wanna get hell a beads this year! Andrea
01/31/2011 1:17PM
I also heard it was may 14th and quite frankly that is a busy time of year for college students. Not only will hotels be already booked due to graduations, many students wouldn't able to attend. I am lucky that I do not graduate until the 22nd but I would like to attend graduations on may 14th...but if rockfest is that weekend, it probly looks like I won't be attending them ceremony's. I hope that it is scheduled the weekend after memorial day like it use to be.
02/04/2011 11:32AM
George Allen
going off of other festivals in the states,, id say a good chunk of the Rock On The Ranges' lineup will be at rockfest..which isnt a bad thing at all. I'd love to see a few bands that's never played rockfest there this year. Some good bands (IMO) touring this summer that fall into that category-would be Alter Bridge, Black Label Society, A Perfect Circle, A7X,2 Cents, Disturbed and Stone Sour. cant wait to hear the announcement i will be up bright and early for the johnny dare show that day! I think BLS would be a great 2nd stage headliner! SDMF!!
02/15/2011 12:01PM
Ashley Rorrer
DUDE!!! Cant wait for Rockfest 2011 Last years was insane..I came home drenched in mudd..it was kinda Awsome.. (hopefully this year will better than last years..if not its cool..either Way.. IM GOIN..
02/16/2011 2:34PM
Krystian Black
God I cant wiat for it! you guys should make t-shirts with aggie stackhouse's face on a pigs body saing "got mud rockfest2001', or her head on a cows body saying "got grass rockfest2011"
02/20/2011 6:05PM
David Dunlap
I'm guessing that the headliner will be Foo Fighters. They are the only band that makes sense and would fit into their tour schedule.
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