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Help Me, Help You!

Greetings blog readers! I've been working with our Web-Gods downstairs in regards to starting back up my "Vlogs"... you know, a blog but with video!! My question to you is what would you like to see from my Vlogs? Mail Call Monday's? - Where I rattle off some emails from you guys? Maybe a Wednesday Poll - Where you guys vote on the best this over that. Or maybe a Weekend Round up on Friday's - where I share what all's happening over the weekend in Kansas City.

Comment on here with some ideas or if you don't feel comfortable with that, shoot me a direct email nivens@989therock.com

Thanks Guys!

06/29/2010 2:57PM
Help Me, Help You!
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06/30/2010 1:15AM
those are good ideas for monday wednesday and friday. here's more... on thursdays have "Late Week pick-me-up" with links to funny youtube stuff kinda like "drinkin out of cups" tuesdays could be something to do with the history of rock n roll, like how we got to where we are in rock music. idk, just a couple ideas...
07/01/2010 7:08AM
Monday - Mail Call Monday - ready people's e-mails. Tuesday - Talk of the Town Tuesday - discuss and give your opinion on current events maybe? Wednesday - Website Wednesday - tell us about an awesome/funny website, or as the user above suggested, YouTube videos. Thursday - Penny for your Thoughts Thursday - a poll about rock artists, songs, etc. Friday - ??? - I can't think of a good name but I would go with discussing what's going on in Kansas City over the weekend.
07/01/2010 2:58PM
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07/01/2010 3:12PM
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