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Have you ever...


...had one of those weekend that you were just not quite ready to have end?
Well, I am going through that today.

Over the weekend (that started on Thursday) Johnny, The Bob, Jack (from sales but a good one) and I all took off for Arkansas.

We have had many trips like this and seen a bunch of cool stuff but this was by far the best trip I have been on!
The weather could not have been better!
Cool forties at night and warm upper seventies lower eighties all day.

Not a drop of rain and the roads were good and fast!

Lucked out and got to see Nigel and Jackyl doing a show at the fairgrounds in Hot Spring. (I had never felt more at home!)

If you ride I am sure you have made the journey to Eureka and Hot Springs but if you have not you really need to make it down there for a weekend.

I would strongly recommend Hwy. 7 and The Pig Trail!
Two roads that will put a grin on your face ear to ear!

You can do this ride in two days but I would recommend taking 3 so you get a chance to look around.

The girls will love Eureka for all of the little shops and us guys just like a good road.

Not to mention you can check out Turpentine Creek (the big cat refuge) in Eureka that is fun for both of you!

Try to stay at Riders Rest there as well.

Nice open fire pit and the view is killer!

You cant beat this run for as close to home as it is!
I do have many other story's to share about the trip but you will have to ask me in person (at least until the statue of limitations runs out) but it will make a hell of a book down the road!

Be safe!

10/18/2010 12:11PM
Have you ever...
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