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Harley keys are winding down

Hello all!!

Its coming up!! The last day for keys to that brand new 2010 Harley Fat Boy Lo (plus the brand new 2010 Camaro SS assuming the winner is a Rockaholic) will be the day before Thanksgiving!! Not too much longer so I'm sure you'll be trying extra hard to get the last few remaining keys. In an effort to help, I'll give you a tip that might increase your chances of winning. I get asked all the time, "what is the trick?? How do you get in to win those things?" Truth is, there is no trick, it is truly luck of the draw. However, (and here's the tip) one thing that might help is to wait until you hear the sounder fire on the air. I know that we tell you the times that we are giving the keys away and we get a ton of calls from people at that time asking what if they're number 9. If the phone is ringing before the sounder is played, you won't win because you're too early. That's really the best advise I can give you. Timing is everything because EVERYONE is going to be wanting these keys. So, have the number on speed dial, have it ready on re-dial or whatever you have to do, but wait until we fire the sounder, then release the hounds!! Good luck to you all and I hope to be giving you a key soon!


11/16/2009 6:45PM
Harley keys are winding down
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11/19/2009 11:25AM
Ok, what I really wanna know is how long after the on-air sounder do you get your 9th caller? I mean do you get your 9th caller before the sounder is all the way over? Does it take like five seconds? If I don't get a ring on my third call then am I too late? HELP ME OUT DUDE!
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