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Harley Time!!!!!

Once again an incredible package up for grabs in the Harley Giveaway!! Check this out....a brand new Harley Davidson Street Glide. This baby is vivd black, 103 inch motor, comes with hard bags and stereo....this thing was built for touring!!

On top of that, you'll have the choice between two bad ass rides....a Numbered Limited Edition Mopar Dodge Charger. Only 1,000 of them made, only 900 available in the United States and we have number 169! Picture it, pitch black with blue racing stripes, 5.7 litre V-8 Hemi motor, Leather Interior and jammed packed with High Perfrmance Mopar Parts.....it even comes complete with my drool on the hood.


How about a brand new 2012 Custom Jeep Wrangler?!?!! We're talking black, four door, 4X4 with 35 inch tires, a 3 inch lift kit and customized by Chux Trux! Totally awesome!

Keep listening for your chance to win a key that could make you the PROUD owner of that bike and one of the bad ass rides!!

Good luck!!

10/03/2011 7:30PM
Harley Time!!!!!
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10/05/2011 6:51PM
Jesse strack
10/13/2011 4:31PM
where can we see these bad ass rides at?
11/11/2011 8:51PM
Robert Hosking
i seen the pictures of all them they look SWEEEEEEETTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!
11/15/2011 9:18AM
Harley Time
Where do we need to go to register?
11/15/2011 8:09PM
help my brouther
My brother doesn't have a computer.But is a rockaholic.Can I enter him on line to help him out for the key.
11/16/2011 5:13PM
looking for pics
looking for pics of the jeep and charger
11/23/2011 10:51AM
heard the ad yesterday for this contest. i would like to enter online so i can be registered
how do you win a key
11/26/2011 2:53PM
Where do you go to see the pictures of the Dodge Charger and the Jeep Wrangler?
11/26/2011 3:00PM
To everyone who is looking for the pictures- you just have to Google "Numbered Limited Edition Mopar Dodge Charger" to see the Charger, then go to the Chux Trux website, go to their photo gallery, and click "Jeeps" in the side window. The Jeeps are labeled and you'll see the ones that say "98.9 Giveaway".
07/16/2012 12:18PM
where due we register?
07/25/2012 6:50PM
How do I win a Key?
How do I when a Key?
08/03/2012 7:18PM
Where can we see pics and where to register as rockaholic
06/16/2014 11:25AM
? registering??
Where can i go to register or win a key?
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