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Happy New Year and Happy Anniversary!!

A very Happy New year to everyone!  Welcome to 2012 which will mark the 20th anniversary of 98/9 The Rock!!  I know I say this all the time, but thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting the station for the past two decades.  It has been one hell of a ride that has been 100% made possible by you...without you, none of us would be here and we can't thank you enough!!  It's going to be a great year so fasten your seat belts and hang on tight!!  I don't buy in to the whole "world is going to end this year" mumbo-jumbo....but it doesn't mean we can't do a little damage along the way!


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01/05/2012 7:22PM
Happy New Year and Happy Anniversary!!
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01/11/2012 5:30PM
happy new year to ryan westward
thank you for posting this message in your blog for us fans to read. happy new year to you as well. im glad you posted a happy new year/happy anniversary blog instead of johnny dare mainly because i have a grudge against him. the grudge being that when 98.9 just got started 20 years ago, johnny worked as a radio dj for Z-ROCK AM1030. while working for Z-ROCK AM1030 he went on air and told listeners he had called that new rock station the rock and requested rollins band. he then stated that they (98.9FM) didnt have any rollins band or know who he was referring to. then he played a henry rollins song on am1030. the grudge stems from the fact that he badmouthed 98.9 and now every chance he can he boasts how great 98.9 is....AND 98.9 STILL TO THIS DAY BARELY PLAYS ANY ROLLINS BAND. maybe in a few years you'll catch him pimping coldplay since he disses them like he dissed the rock back in the early early 1990's before z-rock was removed from our local airwaves in the kc metro area. his standpoint on who sucks and who is great is wishy washy because he has said both positive and negative in regard to 98.9 the rock. doing all the charity work in the world doesnt make him any less of an a-hole to me.
01/11/2012 5:42PM
what he said.
i remember z rock crankin craig (or however he spelled it) johnny dare a.j. etc..i think they're still on the air in the texas oklahoma region
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