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Ryan Westward
Ryan Westward
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Happy Birthday!!!!

It was on this day in 1992 that this very radio station signed on the air...and thanks to all of your support over the years, the station that no one thought would last 1 yr turns 20 today!! From the bottom of our hearts, we thank each and every one of you for your undying support and letting us be a part of your lives everyday....we couldn't do it without you.  Here's the first song we ever played on that day....seems kind of appropriate when you look back over the years


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04/03/2012 7:33PM
Happy Birthday!!!!
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05/14/2012 1:34PM
you're welcome
08/31/2012 6:58AM
Greetings from Georgia
I just wanted to say "hi" and let you know that I'll be streaming your station from Athens, GA now that Clear Channel has killed Project 9-6-1 in Atlanta and replaced it with a fourth (fourth!) Top 40 station. I'll be listening most often during the evenings, which is why I'm posting this message on your blog. I'm sure I'll get to listen during days and weekends from time to time as well. I have relatives in Missouri so I'm somewhat familiar with your station, and you seem to have a good variety of hard rock music. You also get major bonus points for playing "BEER!!!" on Fridays too, like Project 9-6-1 did during their Friday Work Release Program show. (Today is my first Friday in five years without the show, which makes me sad.) Of the 10 largest radio markets in the United States, Atlanta is easily the worst of them all. You have five choices here now: 1. Top 40 2. Hip-hop/R&B 3. Country 4. Contemporary Christian 5. News/Talk Even the local Adult Alternative station -- my second-favorite station after Project 9-6-1 -- is being flipped to a Sports Talk format at the end of September. In other words, current rock music is dying in Atlanta, and I'm feeling estranged by it all. Thank you for keeping the rock alive in the heartland. Hopefully an extra stream from outside the Kansas City area can help with that now. Sincerely, Dan in Athens, GA P.S. BEER IS GOOD!!! (And stuff!)
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