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Grinds My Gears!

So last night was the Superbowl and it was a hell of a game!
It was a close one (even after the first half smack down) but there was one part that really "gound my gears"!

The National Anthem.

I have nothing at all against Christina Agulara (sp) but it was really disappointed in here version.

I realize that every artist wants to put their own spin on it but I really think that with all the "runs" she put into it she not only forgot a part of the song but it lost some of the kick!
There was just too much!
Hell, I was so confused that I knew she forgot something but really had to run it through my head a few times to realize what she missed.

Great singer, hot as hell, but STOP!
Just sing the damn song!
Everyone...Sing it!

Till next time!

Ps. Vader commercial was funny but the Doritos finger licker was the best!

02/07/2011 10:57AM
Grinds My Gears!
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02/09/2011 6:59PM
The superbowl seems more like a fucking circus than a football game now. It has become so commecialized that the sport is secondary. America.
02/26/2011 11:39PM
Agreed- finger licker was effin hi larry ass.. Don't know why so many uptight people thought it was cheap humor... well so I am cheap if I liked it.. oh well.. And dude... if I ever run into you in public I am going to yank your beard and snap a picturefor the internet before you inevitably pull out some kind of firearm..
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