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Every once and a while a band comes along that really grabs a hold of me and I feel compelled to share with you guys. Kopek is one of those bands. Their debut album "White Collar Lies" dropped today. I'll admit. At first I thought, "hmm... it's not too bad." However, one good solid listen through and I thought, "Damn! This Sh!t Rocks!!" I've had friends and musicians, alike, take a listen to it and all have walked away saying they enjoyed it. Their sound is unique, their lyrics are honest and the hooks are solid!

Notable Tracks:
Love is Dead
The Easy Way (D.B. Cooper)
Love Sick Blues
Bigger Than Us All

And my personal favorite, Bring It On Home.
This clip can be found on their website http://www.kopekofficial.com/

White Collar Lies by kopek

03/01/2011 2:42PM
Go Buy This Album...
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03/03/2011 2:59PM
Wait till you get a chance to see them live, they absolutely bring the house down.
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