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Getting close now.

Twelve days from now we will be tearing it up at Rockfest.

I just hope that you are as ready as I am.

Rockfest to me has really become a lot like Christmas to me.

It seems that I start looking for hints and clues around the first of the year.

Now here it is just days away.

Lots of questions coming in as far as times for the bands on stage and at the autograph booth.

Jump over to the Rockfest page for all of those details.

Talked to Bob this morning and found out that the hotel packages are SOLD OUT and that the tickets are getting close.

I don't need to tell you this but get your tickets as soon as you can.

All of your friends are going to be there and it just would not be the same if you did not make it!

Till next time!
See you in twelve days!

05/03/2010 11:05AM
Getting close now.
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05/09/2010 12:10PM
Just to let you know. I will be driving 14 hours on Friday, to go to RockFest on Saturday, and drive back 14 hours on Sunday. Now that is wanting to watch some bands in a bad way!
05/11/2010 11:14AM
My very first Rockfest was "Mudfest" I believe that was 2006 when Seether was the headliner. The shoe graveyard at the end of the night due to all of the mud was the best thing ever.
05/11/2010 6:52PM
Yeah i heard from a friend that there is going to be a preacher at rockfest. does anyone know for sure???
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