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Ryan Westward

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Freaker's Ball 2010

With another successful-sold out Freaker's Ball under our belt from this last weekend, I'd like to inquire to you oh faithful reader of thy blog; Best Memory?

Was it the costume contest?
Five Finger... DEATH PUNCH!?

Feel free to comment below and talks amongst yourselves.
Who knows... I might even mention you on air.
Boo Ya!

10/26/2010 3:15PM
Freaker's Ball 2010
Please Enter Your Comments Below
10/26/2010 3:23PM
Nick W
The show was great, and I loved seeing the little dude win the costume contest. FFDP rocked everyone's face off, and it was great seeing Drowning Pool again. The Midland was gorgeous (first time there since the renewal) but it didn't seem like the best place for Freaker's Ball. I've been to most of them since the Manson Riots way back when, and my favorites were always one at larger, more open venues. Places the the raceway or Community of America Ballpark. Places where you could walk around and mingle with the crowd and really see all the costumes. The Midland was so crowded and dark that you could barely see anyone that was more than a few chairs away from you. Not going to say that it ruined the show or anything, far from it, just the one negative from a great night. I'm looking forward to next year's already. :D
10/26/2010 3:27PM
brandon aka PACO
I went to the show got there a little drunk well i was really drunk ran into some good friends and had a blast made our way towards the stage for sevendust and 5 finger death punch. Cant wait till the next throwdown hope theres a good line up for twistedchristmas.... [URL=http://img829.imageshack.us/i/vid00056.jpg/][IMG]URL]
10/26/2010 3:28PM
Stephanie Smith
It was a madhouse!!! Had a blast and it was awesome to Moose, Jessica, and Lajon! I wanted to pet the crow and kiss the werewolf lol
10/26/2010 4:07PM
Sherri Black
my daughter and i had a blast! the highlight of the whole evening was when she got pulled onstage with Five Finger Death Punch. it was her birthday and she had made this sign that said its my 16th birthday. we got to do a meet and greet with Sevendust and Drowning Pool that was awesome.but her and another kid went onstage with them. it was cool as hell. the whole show was badass though! hadnt had that much fun in awhile!
10/26/2010 5:14PM
Jennifer Marshall
We were on the floor off to the right side of the stage. It was a crazy crowd, which I completely expected and hoped for, and Sevendust as always put on an awesome show. When that guy fell and knocked himself out on the rail, we ended up leaving because it looked for a minute like the show was just gonna stop. SO PISSED OFF at myself that I missed FFDP and the costume contest. So pissed off. I love those guys, they absolutely killed it at last year's Freaker's Ball.
10/27/2010 10:21PM
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