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Found Music Friday!

ANNNND Take 2! Man, I F*cking LOVE technology! I just typed out a killer blog, complete with the last two weeks of music I came across which I thought you guys would dig and when I went to post it.. POOF! Just like that! Gone! So here's the short and curly verision of this, because I'm pissed and need a drink! 

Basically, the following are songs or videos that I either came across this week or were released this week that I dig and thought you might. There's not gonna be any running commentary because our parent company forces us to use this cheap-as-sh!t blogging system and since I might get kicked off line again THUS wasting my time putting it togther, I'll keep it brief!

Video from one of my new favorite bands GOJIRA "Born in Winter"

DEVIL YOU KNOW is the latest profect from ex-KILLSWITCH ENGAGE frontman HOWARD JONES. These guys are getting a great response in The Pit with FRITZ.

BIG shoutout to my man the BUSTAMANTE for turning me onto these guys; DANGERS "Power Chord Blues".

Great parody video to a wonderfully parodied song, "This is a Trent Reznor Song".

Finally, I've heard a lot about BABYMETAL and decided I'd give them an honest spin and listen to this week. I'm in. I would, honestly, like to see them at some point.
3 pre-teen girls from Japan doing metal? Sure, why not!

That's this week's #FoundMusicFriday. 
What'd you come across this week that's new to you? 

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04/04/2014 5:15PM
Found Music Friday!
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