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Nivens Log, Vol. CXIV * New Music Friday * Weekly Rock Wind Up * Bink from 610

Another exciting day for new music in metal and rock!!
  • SEVENDUST is back with their 11th studio album "Kill the Flaw". They absolutely set the stage on fire Tuesday night at the Midland!
  • TRIVIUM, who we've seen at Rockfest before, drops their latest offering today with "Silence the Snow"
  • CLUTCH, one of the most underrated rock bands on the planet, put out "Psychic Warfare".
This week's Weekly Rock Wind Up has tales about JOAN JETT, COREY TAYLOR, MJK & more!

Here's an extended chat I had with Bink from 610 Sports today for my Couch King Sports segment.
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Nivens Log, Vol. CXIII * Brent Morin * Water on Mars

Pretty funny 4:20 Smoke Break today from BRENT MORIN who has a problem with goodbyes or leaving properly!

Here's NASA's announcement today about water on Mars!

My response to this!! 

Totally forgot this was out there. Thanks REVOLVER MAG for reminding me today. Basically it's early MJK from TOOL doing an early rendition of "Sober". Enjoy!

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The History of Metal & Horror Interview

Had the pleasure of chatting with MIKE SCHIFF mastermind behind the new documentary THE HISTORY OF METAL AND HORROR yesterday. Super stoked to see this come to life and making my pledge towards it this weekend! 

Get in on the action here -> https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-history-of-metal-and-horror#/story
Check the website here-> http://www.metalhorror.com

Peep the interview here!

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Nivens Log, Vol. CXII * Rick Ingraham * BFMV

KC's own RICK INGRAHAM was today's 4:20 Smoke Break of Stand Up Comedy! In the following clip he shows us what it's like when he's the heckler! There's what they call colorful language so I'll give it the NSFW tag! 


BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE announced a headlining tour coming to KC today! There's a Rockaholic pre-sale happening now where you can score tix for just $15! ASKING ALEXANDRIA is the support act! 
Many moons ago I filmed a "Wall of Death" at a Mayhem Festival with BFMV! Looking forward to the show in February! 

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Nivens Log, Vol. CXI * Kira Soltanovich * 10 Years "From Birth to Burial"

It's almost impossible for me to wrap my mind around the fact that the month of September is damn near over! How'd that happen!?! 

Ms. KIRA SOLTANOVICH was today's 4:20 Smoke Break of Stand Up Comedy! For those of you ladies whose husbands or boyfriends snore... well... this one's for you!! 

I know I'm a month late to the party on this but 10 YEARS (as most of you know) are going to open for BREAKING BENJAMIN next Friday (10/2) at the Crossroads! I'm super stoked for this show as it's been a while since I've seen either of these bands. I chatted with Ryan "Tater" Johnson from the band (interview getting posted soon) and we talked about the new lyric video for the title track to their latest album "From Birth to Burial" and Holy F*ck is it intense!! Get your tickets for next Friday night's show HERE and enjoy the vid! 

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Nivens Log, Vol. CX * Bikers for Babies was Amazing! * Nate Bargatze * #ICYMI Co

Yesterday was Biker's for Babies. I've been out to the Kansas Speedway numerous times for it before but have yet to ride. This was the year I did the run on my bike from Gail's Harley-Davidson and holy hell was it awesome!! Seeing all the folks along the ride, the posters from kids that have been touched directly from the March of Dimes and knowing I was part of something so large and amazing all I can say is Thank You to everyone that rode and donated! We made a huge difference yesterday, guys! So be proud of that! 

NATE BARGATZE was today's 4:20 Smoke Break of stand up comedy!! Here he discusses not believing in science! 

Here's the audio of COUCH KING SPORTS from Friday with my man BINK from 610 Sports.
How'd he fare with his predictions on the Royals, Bills vs. Pats & Ole Miss vs. Bama? Give a listen and find out!!
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Nivens Log, Vol. CIX * Jason Collings * WRWU * New Music Friday

It's crazy to think that we've already made it to Friday! Where's the time go??? 

Here's the NSFW clip of today's 4:20 Smoke Break of stand up comedy from JASON COLLINGS

New VISION OF DISORDER in November, DEATH ANGEL in 2016 & THE ROLLING STONES on the way!! 

Speaking of new stuff; SHINEDOWN'S "Threat to Survival" is out today! As is SOUNDGARDEN'S CHRIS CORNELL "Higher Truth"! Here's what else is coming down the pike....

QUEEN “18 disc box set” on Vinyl September 25th
RAMMSTEIN IN AMERIKA (DVD/Blu-Ray) September 25th
HUNTRESS “Static” September 25th
MISSION TO LARS – Documentary Select Theaters DVD/Blu-Ray/VOD
TROOPER (Iron Maiden) Beer October 1st
CLUTCH “Psychic Warfare” October 2nd
TRIVIUM “Silence the Snow” October 2nd
SEVENDUST “Kill the Flaw” October 2nd
MASTODON “Once More ‘Round the Sun” Vinyl Reissue October 5th
RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE “Live at Finsbury Park” October 16th
UGLY KID JOE “Uglier Than They Used Ta Be” October 16th
PUSCIFER “Money Shot” October 30th
SKINDRED “Volume” October 30th
ESCAPE THE FATE “Hate Me” October 30th
DEF LEPPARD Self-Titled October 30th
VISION OF DISORDER “Razed to the Ground” November 13th
VINNIE PAUL “Drumming Up an Appetite with Vinnie Paul” Book around Christmas
RICHARDS/CRANE “World Stands Still” Whit Crane UKJ + LEE RICHARDS (Godsmack/Another Animal)
 “Montage of Heck” KURT COBAIN Doc. DVD November + Unreleased Kurt Cobain music
DEFTONES TBA Fall (November 20th)
MEGADETH (with Chris Adler of Lamb of God on drums)
SEBASTIAN BACH “18 & Life on Skid Row” January 19th
ROGER MIRET (Agnostic Front) Bio TBA
ANTHRAX End of 2015/Early 2016
SIXX AM (Shooting for double disc) 2016
RAMONES meet ARCHIE Comic Book 2016
ROGER WATERS (Pink Floyd) Autobio
DEATH ANGEL April 2016
ZAKK WYLDE “Book of Shadows Vol II” Early 2016
SULLY ERNA (Godsmack frontman) 2016
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Nivens Log, Vol. CVIII * Beers w/ the Boys on 610 * More Carlin

I had a blast this morning going onto 610 Sports and talking "Beers with the Boys"! It went so well it looks like I'll be able to head back in next week! #ICYMI here it is!!

Playing GEORGE CARLIN for yesterday's 4:20 Smoke Break went over so well I decided to re-visit him today!!
Here's his full classic #NSFW bit about "7 Dirty Words!"

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Nivens Log, Vol. CVII * Metal & Horror * George Carlin * Hey, Kansas City!

There's a new Indiegogo campaign, THE HISTORY OF METAL & HORROR, being launched exploring the history of heavy metal and horror films! If you step back and look at characters on both sides of the artist spectrum you see they really do go hand-in-hand! From Frankenstein to Dracula, and Ozzy to Alice, there's no denying those that like the dark side of life typically like all that both genres offer. Peep the promo video and if you want to contribute CLICK HERE

In honor of GEORGE CARLIN'S daughter, KELLY CARLIN, putting out a new book about her father & mother, "A Carlin Home Companion", George was today's 4:20 Smoke Break of Stand Up Comedy!! A great number about "Test Farts"!

DAVID GEORGE & A CROOKED MILE (fea. VICTOR & PENNY) rolled out the new Arrowhead Touchdown Song for when our Chiefs score!! What'cha think?

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Nivens Log, Vol. CVI * New Breaking Benjamin Video *

BREAKING BENJAMIN have kicked out a new music video for their latest hit, "Angel's Fall". Catch the Benj with special opening act 10 YEARS at the Crossroads on October the 2nd! 

SARAH TIANA was today's 4:20 Smoke Break of Stand Up Comedy. Her bit about Decoding Texts is pretty damn funny and definitely NSFW!

Yesterday there was talk that a dude in Ohio really wants METALLICA to play the halftime show at the Super Bowl (see www.metallicasuperbowl.com) Today it's reported that a limited edition of 'Tallica BUDWEISER is available in Quebec City! Story & Images Here!

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