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Forget Retail Stores, I'm Going To The Thrift Store!

Today for a quarter I got a "Best of Johnny Cash" 8 Track. Yeah, I don't own an 8 Track player, BUT it's dope and nostalgic. I also, for fifty cents, got a cassette of the late, great Stevie Ray Vaughn. Again, I don't own a tape player, but it's dope looking and will be on display nicely.

My girl picked up a sick 1930's chair for only Sixteen Bucks! Yeah, it needs a little cleaning and whatnot but it's dope and she loves it.

So that's one of my goals in 2013. Forget the retail chains and all that mumbo jumbo, let's hit the thrift store! VIDEO IS NSFW!! LANGUAGE (Oh my!)

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People : Stevie Ray Vaughn

01/07/2013 5:24PM
Forget Retail Stores, I'm Going To The Thrift Store!
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