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Foo Docu + Live Performance in 3D!!

New Foo! That in itself is one exciting statement for many of us out there and on Tuesday night I and a handful of Foo fans sat in a theater in Warrensburg Missouri, about 65 miles - an hour drive- outside of Kansas City, to get a healthy dose of all things Foo. Together, a legion of Dave fans, Taylor fanatics and Pat Smear hopefuls waited patiently through a brief 15 minute delay (it was beamed nationwide live, there's glitches) to learn firsthand the story of the Foo Fighters and to witness them perform their new album "Wasting Light" live in 3D!

In order to learn the origins of the Foo we had to hear and understand the end of one monster of a band in Nirvana and a quite lesser known act but one with just as much significance into the start of the Fighters in Sunny Day Real Estate. Without giving away anything that can't be learned on Wikipedia what became the sound of Foo Fighters was initially a cassette recording by Dave Grohl and the immediate addition of Nate Mendel. That is the formative backbone to FF. Dave and Nate. Pat Smear, whether on stage or not, will always be a member in the Foo Fighters. A permanent fixture and one who right now seems super excited for where they are as a band and where he is as a man playing music in said band. But in the start of it all, THE backbone was Dave and Nate.

Being a fan of Dave Grohl, or as I like to say having a non-sexual-man-crush on him, it was pretty cool to hear how he handled some of the painful decisions he had to make as captain of his team. Decisions he never had to make when he was just "a drummer". He's a pretty smart cat and even though those choices were difficult to make at the time, one's left with the impression he did it for the overall success of the band and nothing that was personal or with malice. He's pretty classy, actually.

How and when does Taylor Hawkins become a Foo is covered. Why Alanis Morissette plays into the FF is told, as is the story of Chris Shiflett, but there's aspects of their story (Taylor and Chris) that one may have not known. In fact everyone's back-story was told. From those that were in the band for a minute, those that made it longer before being ousted and those that are the Foo we know today. The telling of these stories was honest, brutal, raw and for everyone pretty emotional. There’s a part where Dave’s addressing the original drummer and I think he truly feels remorse for how everything ended between them in 1996.

If you're a fan already when you watch this documentary and wondering what you can get out of it I offer up the notion that you'll come to appreciate the road that was paved to get to the Foo and then in turn what they did once they got on that road. Will you gain a newfound respect for the Fighters if you're not already a fan? I don't know, but I do know I have a deeper respect for them as musicians and am happy I made the hour long trip to see it… funky popcorn and a 15 minute delay be damned!

04/06/2011 1:39PM
Foo Docu + Live Performance in 3D!!
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04/08/2011 9:18PM
Nice review. I'm really excited about seeing this, but it didn't screen in my country. Hopefully the DVD release isn't too many months away...
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