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Fingers Crossed!

So I am sure you rmemeber that early this year it was all over the news that Ozzy had fallen off the wagon.
Well Sharon (a much of a slave driver she is) stuck to her guns and took off.
At the time it struck me as being a little harsh but lets face it... Ozzy has been through a lot and put the family through a lot because of his "problems"!

Just found this on TMZ a few minutes ago!

Check it out!



Ozzy Osbourne is officially out of Sharon's dog house ... and has moved back in with his wife ... after convincing Sharon he's been drug and alcohol free for months, TMZ has learned. 

It's a big step for the couple, considering they split earlier this year ... when Ozzy fell off the wagon. 

Sharon insisted she wouldn't take Ozzy back until he cleaned himself up -- and to prove she meant business, she moved out of the family home and into the Beverly Hills Hotel. 

But now, it seems Sharon's convinced Ozzy's winning the war with his demons ... because the two not only walked the red carpet together at the Daytime Emmys on Sunday (and shared a kiss) ... they also went home together after the show. 

We're told Sharon is determined to help Ozzy stay off the junk -- she's even hired a "sober team" to monitor the rock star 24/7 and help him steer clear of potential hazards.

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06/18/2013 12:19PM
Fingers Crossed!
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