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Don't be down on the Chiefs

I've seen a lot of Facebook posts with people ripping the Chiefs after the game in Denver yesterday. I really can't agree with most of them. The season so far, I think, has exceeded expectations and there's still half the season to play. Keep in mind too it's a very, very young team. What is it, like two-thirds of the team are rookies or only in their second year? I think they're doing pretty good for such a young team and at some point a game like the one in Denver was bound to happen. The thing to watch now is how do they react to it? Are they going to be down in the dumps about it and just give up at this point or are they going to put that game behind them, regroup and put things back together this Sunday? I believe it'll be the latter. This team has made HUGE improvements as the season has gone on and keep in mind, even after the losses to Oakland and Denver, the Chiefs are still tied for number one in the AFC West and I don't think anyone thought that would be the case at the beginning of the season. Bottom line is, one game doesn't define a season and the season so far has been beyond what I would have expected going into it. Plus, don't forget that Denver embarassed the Chiefs a couple of years ago in Denver and then the Chiefs did the same to them at Arrowhead in their next meeting. Denver rolls into Kansas City in three weeks and I think the Chiefs are going to be ready for them. So don't be down on the Chiefs. There's still a lot of season to play and these young players are still learning quite a bit as the season rolls on.

11/15/2010 7:39PM
Don't be down on the Chiefs
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