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Did Robert Plant really say that?!?

News has surfaced this week that Robert Plant, legendary frontman for Led Zeppelin, will be updating a version of his old, pre-Zeppelin band, Band of Joy. Said group also featured the late John Bonham and will likely write some original material after releasing a cover album.

When interviewed about this Plant said, "It's all very well celebrating other people's songwriting, and I know there are artists who actually have an entire career doing that, whether it be Elvis or Sinatra..."
Uhmmmm.... Yeah Rob, it's also called Led Zeppelin, yo! I know Zeppelin's the biggest rock band to ever hit the planet, but we all also know that most of their stuff was taken from Robert's love of the Blues, right?

Let's see how many songs we can list of LZ that came from "celebrating other people's songwriting" as Mr. Plant stated.
I'll start:
-Whole Lotta Love

09/16/2010 3:37PM
Did Robert Plant really say that?!?
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11/15/2010 12:47PM
Bravo, you were visited with an excellent idea
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