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What a week we have going here!
Less than a month and a half to Rockfest!
I trust you have already gotten your tickets because you have to be there and a new set of rides have come up for grabs today!
What are you going to choose?
Will it be the long haul cross country Ultra, the most bad ass Softail on the market The Fatboy, or are you thinking a pair of 48's?
No matter what you choose you can not go wrong!
And then I also assume you are a Rockaholic so we will be tossing you the keys to that 2011 Camaro SS!
That car is INSANE!
Go check out all the pics on the main page!
And good luck!
Ill be waiting on your call!

04/04/2011 9:33AM
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04/04/2011 9:56AM
Dylan Heeter
How can i get me a new ride man? Is it going to be set up at Rockfest or do i need to call now for my chance to win? Get back to me brother, Dylan.
04/08/2011 4:38PM
eric wolfe
rock fest sounds awesome and its my b day how can i win tickets
04/10/2011 5:49PM
buy silver
.I have been a subscriber to Countryside for more than 10 years now and your magazine has seen our family through every step of our transition from city-dwelling 20-somethings with young children to established homesteaders with two strapping teenaged sons living on a seven-acre century farmsite in south western Manitoba. We have gone from reading to each other nuggets of wisdom published in the pages of your magazine to using our now rather extensive collection as a kind of reference library.
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