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Count me out

In case there was any doubt that Power & Light is the douche capital of Kansas City, this should pretty much seal the deal.....

One of the cast members of MTV’s “Jersey Shore” will headline this year’s St. Patrick’s Day Festival at the Kansas City Power & Light District.

Paul DelVecchio, also known as “Pauly” on the mega-popular reality show, or DJ Pauly D to his music fans, will appear at the March 17 “Shamrocks & Shenanigans” St. Patrick’s Day Festival in the KC Live block of the downtown entertainment district.
Paulie, 30, is a fan favorite on MTV’s highest-rated show because of his ”impeccable grooming and memorable catchphrases,” but his “talent” isn’t limited to the TV screen.DJ Paulie D, who has been performing in the music business since age 18, was nominated in 2010 for America’s Best DJ.

I was talking to a friend of mine who had the best quote ever...she said, "Holy crap, you take an arial photo of that gathering and its going to look like powered cheese on an In-A-Tub taco!!"

02/22/2011 6:56PM
Count me out
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02/25/2011 12:31PM
Amanda S.
A-ha ha ha. Best quote ever! Why are people obsessed with these losers? They are famous for....NOTHING! God help anyone that goes to this ridiculous "event".
03/17/2011 8:04PM
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