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Its not very often that I see something in the news that really winds me up but this morning I read that a Michigan school BANNED playing tag.
This is on the heels of other schools banning contact sports and replacing footballs and baseballs with Nerf products.
What the hell are we doing to kids?
It was bad enough when everyone started getting a trophy for just being there but now we are totally wussing up kids.
Sure we did some seriously dangerous stuff when I was a kid but for the most part we survived.
I have had my fair share of bumps, bruises, scars, and broken bones but that was just part of being a kid!
And NOT EVERYONE WINS! I don’t think I could go into The Bob and say “I was tired this morning so I did not come in but still want to get paid”. LIFE IS NOT FAIR! Suck it up go to work, play some contact games, and be ready for a hard knock life!
AND! I can see it now…. Super Bowl  2020 there is no field just a bunch of people with their computers synced up and playing video football from their mom and dads basement.
Sorry for the rant but COME ON MAN!
Till next time.

Now go get some grass burns ya sissy!

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10/09/2013 1:13PM
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