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Chiefs season opener

Well, the NFL is officially underway for the season and the Chiefs have an 0-1 start. I've already talked to a few people who kind of gave me the, "Well surprise, surprise" and the, "They suck as usual"...and I'll be honest, last year I would have agreed and been one of those saying it. But truthfully, I like what I saw on that field today. Not to be rude to the team but I did somewhat expect us to lose against Baltimore. Not because I think the Chiefs are that bad but because of the combination of the Ravens being that good (especially on defense) and Kansas City having a whole new management structure/coaching staff and still implementing/learning a whole new scheme. Were mistakes made...yes. Are there a lot of improvements that need to be made...yes. But I'll tell you what, I watched that team play with more heart than I have seen in YEARS. The last couple of years it just seemed that the fire died down sometimes as early as the middle of the third quarter and the team just looked deflated at times. Today was completely different and it has me excited to see how the season develops. By mid-third quarter our defense was completely exhausted and you could tell. But they still played every down with every ounce of energy they had in the tank all the way to the end of the game even if it wasn't enough to stop Baltimore's offense. There was no let up. Not only that but I'll tell you another thing that caught my attention was the discipline they played with on both sides of the ball as well. How many times have we seen the team beat themselves with penalties that more or less cost us a game? Those kinds of penalties were being called on Baltimore this time around and we damn near pulled this game off. Let's face it, that game was not supposed to that close. All the "experts" had Baltimore pretty much blowing us out. Sure, at the end of the day they still won....but they had to work for it through all four quarters and I don't think they were expecting that. Someone told me that if the Chiefs were simply able to score one touchdown...just ONE touchdown against the Baltimore defense, that would be considered a victory. Well, how about two?? (and another from special teams) So, my hat's off to the hard fought battle I saw from the Chiefs today. We may again end up losing more games than we win this year as the team rebuilds, but if they keep playing with the kind of heart they displayed today and continue to play with the discipline they showed, then I think we're going to see the future get brighter and brighter for the Kansas City Chiefs and we may very well end up winning more games than people expect.

Go Chiefs!!!

09/13/2009 6:35PM
Chiefs season opener
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