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Ryan Westward
Ryan Westward
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Camping out.

My girlfriend's dad just picked up some land outside of Manhattan KS. The story goes the house was built right after the Civil War and during Prohibition was used by some bootleggers. On Saturday we cleared out a bunch of brush, an attic, a root cellar, the lower level and what can best be described as an old dump where we found a automobile license plate dated 1929.

Here's some photos from our trek.


Used for the booze! Tons and tons of these bottles were scattered throughout the property. Given the history of the place one can safely assume these were used for the "Bathtub Gin"!



Looking inside the root cellar and out.



One Hundred Plus Years old and still standing.



View of our campgrounds. Can't wait to take photos in the Spring when everything is in full bloom.


11/09/2009 10:19AM
Camping out.
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11/09/2009 10:34AM
How cool is that....what is going to become of the house? Hope he doesn't tear it down. There is one like that in Tonganoxie that someone bought and is now restoring it and fixing it up...its really old also and looks alot like that one. Belonged to the old Chief Tonganoxie whom the town is named after, at least thats the story.
11/09/2009 2:55PM
Looks like fun...
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