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CJ from Drowning Pool's Top 10 Places to Play!

Now you know we love playing any place, anytime and anywhere for all of our fans but these are the first 10 places that came to mind.

1. Texas!
I was going to say the home town of Dallas but the whole state rocks! We've been hitting every major city and small town in this state from day one so it's Texas as a whole!

2. Kansas City, MO
KC is like a second home to us. They have some of the most killer radio rock shows out there. And every year we always get to play at least one of them. Lots of great friends there and lots of good times. If you're passing through be sure to stop at the Mercy Seat for a great tat or Big Dudes for all your musical needs!

3. Michigan
Again another State where we spend a good week or so hitting every city. The rock fans there are awesome. KISS wasn't lying when they said Detroit Rock City!

4. Seattle, WA
As we all know this city has spawned some of the greatest bands out there and is a haven for music lovers. Not as depressing as you would think. Every time we hit the stage there the energy is intense and the air smells of some sort of incense I can't put my finger on. Hmmm I always leave hungry though.

5. Chicago, IL
Speaking of hungry Chicago definitely has some amazing food. We always have kick ass rock shows here. We actually lived in Chicago for about 3 months when we recorded our second CD with Johnny K. Tons of cool friends and Rock fans.

6. Las Vegas, NV
C'mon who doesn't love Vegas? I can't tell you what happens here because there's some sort of unwritten law that it has to stay here. So if you want to know. Get on a plane and come see the show.

7. Denver, CO
Very similar vibe to Seattle. Beautiful State. Killer Rock stations. Awesome laid back rock fans and that familiar smell of incense again. Hmmm

8. Phoenix, AZ
We've actually ended a few tours here and had the big last night blow out. Always a great time. Remember going there but don't remember leaving.

9. Florida
Yet again another state where we'll spend a week or two going around playing every city. Super cool Rock fans. Unfortunately the radio stations don't really care for us much there but we love them anyway for at least still playing rock music. Why the grudge? Honestly playing Florida is like a working vacation because most of the shows are close to the beach or next to some sort of resort related to a mouse with big ears.

10. Last but not least it's a tie between New York and Los Angeles
Two cities that couldn't be further apart from each other but have a very similar vibe. The rock fans that were born there and grew up there have the greatest attitude. The two cities are also the hub for the entertainment industry so we get to hang with our business peeps and our aspiring rock & roll actor friends.

So there it is. Like is said before we love playing anywhere & everywhere. If I left out your city it's not because it's not cool. Next time just run across the stage naked or set your head on fire. Do something crazy and I'll put you on the list next time!!

01/19/2011 3:52PM
CJ from Drowning Pool's Top 10 Places to Play!
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