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Bikers For Babies This Weekend!

Here we go.
Less than a week away from the best ride you can take all summer.
Yup, it is almost time for the 15th annual March Of Dimes Bikers For Babies run.
It is really hard for me to put into words how great this ride is.
I have been to all but a few and to see how it has grown is just amazing.
We have been through all types of weather from sunny and hot to sleet but the spirit of the ride way overcomes whatever conditions we are looking at.
For the long time riders I would like to thank you very much and for you first timers...Welcome to the best ride of your life and the first of many.
I would suggest that you make it out for one of the last few pre-reg that we have.
Gets a little busy out there the day of.
Just check the main page for the details on that.
All bikes are welcome!
Hope to see you out there on Sunday!

09/14/2009 11:14AM
Bikers For Babies This Weekend!
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09/16/2009 7:11AM
wendy b
Just want to tell you all "Thank You" for all that you do for the March of Dimes. My son, now 7 years old, was 9 weeks premature. He weighed 3lbs2oz and was 14" long.He was in the NICU for 7 weeks and I will never forget the day that I got to go home from the Hospital and I had to leave my baby there. I had the biggest hole in my heart and cried the whole 40 mile ride home. He was one of the lucky ones though. With what I consider to be a miracle drug, surfactin, he was breathing on his own in a matter of weeks. We've had small bumbs in the road, but you should see him now. He's the tallest kid in his class, weighs 50 pounds, loves to go out shooting his BB gun, shoots his bow with his dad, rides horses, all the things a typical 7 year old country boy should do. Looking at him you would never know what we went through to get him here. There are very happy endings to some of the stories thanks to people like you guys who are so involved in the March of Dimes. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you guys do.
09/18/2009 9:51AM
roberto howard
damn i wish i was there this weekend!! the last time i ever went was back in 2005!! had a blast and met alot of cool people that i still get together with and have a beer with when i'm up that way..I STILL WANT TO TAKE OVER THE RADIO STATION THOUGH!! hell, you guys will probably want to hire me after i take over the airwaves..that would be very crazy on your guys part..hell ya moose...have fun at the bikers for babies!!!it's a hell of a cause!!
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