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Big 'ol Congrats!!!!

Hello all!!

I just wanted to thank everyone for coming out to Harley Giveaway Party last night!! What a great time indeed! Nigel Dupree Band put on a great set, the atmosphere that all of you set was amazing....and of course, a HUGE congratulations to Dominick Millay-Metz who took home the whole thing!! He chose the Fatboy (good choice...I probably would have done the same) AND he is a registered Rockaholic so he the badass Camaro as well!! Here's just a few pics from the night:

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It was a quick one this time around...Dominick was the 7th key up so it just goes to show that it could absolutely go to anyone!! Thanks to Worth Harley-Davidson, Van Chevrolet and Harrah's. I'd be willing to bet we've got more bikes and more cars coming up!

06/16/2011 12:03PM
Big 'ol Congrats!!!!
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06/20/2011 6:30PM
Christina Carabini
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