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Been too long!

In the words of Motley "I just got a new tattoo"!
So it was a good weekend.

Normally rain on the weekend is a bad thing but I used it to my advantage!
Those of you who know me are well aware of my love of tattoos.

After about two years I finally made it back to East Coast Al's and got my latest addition!
Why the long wait you ask?
I have no idea.

I guess I was just lazy but in the end I guess sometimes you just have run with the "good things come to those who wait" line.

Already got some good ideas as to how to finish out the arms and then I guess it is on to the legs!

Lets just hope it wont be another two years!

Till next time have a great week and big thanks to East Coast Al!
You nailed it once again man!
Happy tattooing and be safe out there!

04/05/2010 9:31AM
Been too long!
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05/07/2010 8:42AM
jeffrey sines
Your tattoo looks bad ass dude. Where did u get it done?
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