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B4B 2009


What a day!
15th annual March of Dimes Bikers For Babies was kick ass.
Once again you out did yourselves!
We had over 6,000 riders and raised over $660,000.
Thank you so much for coming out and helping to save some lives.
And yes you did do that.
I have to admit it take a bit for me to get choked up but there were many moments along the way that I would look ahead and behind me and see nothing but motorcycle lights and I knew that we were all out there for the same reason.
Going through the intersections that were being blocked off for us and getting the thumbs up, seeing everyone wave along the way, the support signs, and the kids and adults looking in awe as we rolled by.
It made me feel very proud.
If you were there you know what I am talking about.
If you could not make it this year come out next year.
I guarantee you will end the day with a great feeling in your heart!
Thank you very much Kansas City for all you do.
This is the best city in the country without a doubt.

09/23/2009 11:30AM
B4B 2009
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09/24/2009 1:06AM
Jerica J.
I moved home 3 weeks ago...and heard about KC's efforts half way across the country. First thing I did was volunteer when I got home. I am sooo proud to be from Kansas City and the efforts we've all put in!! I am still a bit chocked up when I think about all you've all accomplished!! Tremendous job!!
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