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As promised... Eva Mendes Sex Tape

08/03/2010 1:18PM
As promised... Eva Mendes Sex Tape
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08/03/2010 1:21PM
Really! Really! I am speechless! Got me!
08/03/2010 1:21PM
F-ing AWESOME!!!!
08/03/2010 1:23PM
Nivens - you my friend, need a beating. Excellent video - I'll look at Eva Mendes any time I get a chance. But this is just effed up.
08/03/2010 1:27PM
Damn you Nivens. (OK it was kinda funny)
08/03/2010 1:53PM
dude if it was any other woman id be ok but come on the even mere mention of an eva mendes sex tape made me run to the computer....o well i can still dream
08/03/2010 1:57PM
Nivens , You suck!!! I totally fell for Evas sex tape.
08/03/2010 2:03PM
Nivens all I have To say is WOW do you have any idea how many people are gonna fall for this...?
08/03/2010 2:28PM
LOL!!! Funny stuff, Got me!!! That was a good one.
08/03/2010 2:38PM
I knew this had to be too good to be true. but she is smokin hot. I left work early to check it out.
08/03/2010 2:45PM
shaun Pitts
Come on Nivens! You can't do that to me brother. I gotta give it to you though, that was good.
08/03/2010 3:03PM
you suck....lol
08/03/2010 3:28PM
Omgz no way! Totally not predictable AT ALL! You're so clever!
08/04/2010 1:50AM
Dude, is this S.EX tape available in stores? Where can I get some?
08/04/2010 1:48PM
Nivens, you suck, LOL! I heard you on the way home from work today about the Eva Mendes Sex Tape and almost got a speeding ticket trying to get home in a hurry! Good one brother!
08/21/2010 6:01PM
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