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As Keanu says, "Whoa"...

What I had desired to be a rather low key weekend, turned into something completely different.

Vette broke down. Yeah, that was awesome!! Driving home on Friday from the studio, Northbound I-35, when all of a sudden... DEAD. I'm told it's the cam...man...dea... hood...broke thing. Did I mention I'm not automotively inclined?

House fire next door to close out Friday night. So Allison and I roll out to the Club Wars finals at the Uptown Theater with Andy & Dave from RLC and as I'm getting into a taxi around close of bar time (3AM) I get a call from Ali that says, "THE HOUSE NEXT DOOR IS BURNING DOWN!!!" In my drunken stupor I ask her to elaborate... "6 FIRETRUCKS PUTTING IT OUT!"... Not that I could do anything, but I told the taxi driver to "Step on it!" (Video coming soon)

We're moving into a new loft! After the disaster that was the house next door to our loft burning and the fact that if our stairs catch fire we're screwed, we decided to pull the trigger on a loft we've been looking at in the Crossroads. North facing view of the entire downtown skyline! It's pimp!! (photos coming soon)

Thanks to Macabre Cinema. For having me out Saturday night and thanks to all who braved the elements. You Rock!!

Andy Warhol exhibit at Union Station. We went to this on Sunday. Pretty dope. They don't allow photos inside at the exhibit, but we snapped a few on the front lawn. Here's one of Allison and I, with a giant Warhol banner in the background of MarilynMonroe. Exhibit runs till January 10th.


Spent the rest of the weekend packing and getting ready for our move.

10/12/2009 2:42PM
As Keanu says, "Whoa"...
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10/12/2009 3:11PM
Oh the woes of car trouble man...it's horrible I know we had to completely replace the engine in my Ford Explorer...NOT FUN! Club Wars was awesome...even in all the drunken stupor...drunken stupor is awesome. Congrats on the new place and your lady is a doll!!!
10/12/2009 11:19PM
Ohhhhh, that sucks dude. Just think of it this way, if you were automotively inclined, you'd be replacing it with a oversized one, and probably replacing a bunch of other stuff, and have spent like 2 grand. You'd have a badass Vette though. Your probablybetter off not knowing. ;)
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