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Anyone Loose A Shoe?

Just curious?
Think there might be a few left out at Liberty Memorial after the Rockfest throw down?
Now that I have rehydrated and got some much needed sleep I can look back and say wow, what a day.
It is hard to imagine 50,000 plus people in one place.
I figured it out Saturday that Rockfest was about the size of 25 of my hometowns.
(I grew up in a very town, but still)
Thank you so much for making Rockfest happen.
The bands were great, the weather held out, but it was you who made Rockfest so damn cool!
Thank you so much for my personal best concert experience to date!
Should we do it again?

06/02/2009 9:15AM
Anyone Loose A Shoe?
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06/02/2009 2:50PM
Rockfest was pretty cool i can ager my 1rst and not my last. Im from a small town in Ga. Ive been to many concerts but not one quite like this, yet agen Bad ass concert u must say.
06/03/2009 1:20PM
Yes you should do Rockfest again, and again, and again. Mostly because I missed it last year and this year. I am not missing it next year and I know it will be just as good if not better. Keep up the great work you guys do at that station....no other station can touch what you guys do every year with Rockfest and everything else through out the year...you guys definately do ROCK!!
06/03/2009 7:28PM
Hey Moose, Rock fest was killer and i wish that i can make it next year. But my unit is getting deployed so this was our going away party. Thanks a lot to 989 for putting this together and we can't for get the bands. My fave was of course DP and when they opened with soldier my unit went F**king crazy i hope we can make it back for 2011. Rock on and much love one of our guards man specialist Chad Mickel
06/15/2009 5:44PM
Hey Moose, Man, Rock Fest this year was one hell of a time my friend, let's make it bigger, longer and just more shit to do. I've been going to this show since 2005, in '05 i walked into the gate to find a mechanical bull, and a inflatable castle for my daughter. That was the shit to her to watch me fall on my ass repeatedly, but over all we enjoyed the show this year. Keep up the good work Moose, we love ya'll out here in Marshall, MO. See ya next year, bra.
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