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Another great show!


Made it out to the Nickelback show last night and I have to say those guys really do put on a hell of a show.

Got stuck in traffic on the way out so I missed Sick Puppies but got in for the whole set of Shinedown.

I have never seen those guys put on a bad show and last night was no exception.

As far as a band that can put the crowd right into the action they are the kings of it.

Also nice to have the tribute to Dime during Simple Man.

Breaking Benjamin did a really good set.

They kind of kicked it up a notch and did allot of the harder stuff.

Nickelback was amazing as well.

They have a week off so I think they had a bit more fun with the set than I remember from the last time they were in.

From Burn It To The Ground to the Garth Brooks and GNR covers they put on a hell of a show.

One part in particular that I enjoy with Nickelback is during Picture they roll lots of photos from their past and put in a bunch of picture from KC.

All in all it was a great show!
Till next time!


Ps. Get your Rockfest tickets! I want to see you there!

04/27/2010 10:33AM
Another great show!
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04/30/2010 8:05AM
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06/17/2010 1:56AM
Moose, I was at this show too....I was in the VIP pit. This show was THE best Nickelback show I've EVER been to and I've been to 9 of them so far! Meeting the band was just awesome though I've met them before. They're just the coolest, sweetest, nicest guys you could ever meet!! Glad you enjoyed the show!
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