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And the lineup is....

The details are out!!  Johnny Dare had all the info this morning on Rockfest 2013!!  Going to be a strong lineup...a good blend of some veterans from Rockfests past and some new comers that have never seen the spectacle that IS the biggest one day music festival in America!!  Check it out...

03/04/2013 7:52AM
And the lineup is....
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03/04/2013 1:48PM
Whos gonna be there i over slept
03/05/2013 9:10PM
I remember when the rock first started, that was after we lost Zrock AM1030. I remember the firs ew rockfest and most in between, thinking, hoping praying to start to see more modern, heavier groups and has been doing good. Now maybe I was getting my hopes up for no reason but after seeing the Rock on the Range and Rocklahoma lineups…ok, now I know why I got my hopes up… Don’t get me wrong, I love AIC, Volbeat, 7dust and a few of the other bands. Well, in the years 989 has...created some pretty good lineups. That being said I believe there is more to creating a show than just having a few descent bands. I maybe a little bias by saying this as well as thinking statistics but the biggest and fastest selling RF (meaning the one that sold out the quickest to date) was the one where the rock finally brought KoRn to headline! This past year Brian/Head got on stage with his old band and now has a summer dedicated to playing shows with them and just a hand full of shows in the US. I guess what I am trying to say is that it is ok to try to get more than one HUGE band. ROTR, I mean Soundgarden, AIC, Smashing Pumpkins and KoRn… Rocklahoma, KoRn, AIC and G N’R’s? WTF?!? Idk a Rockfest with Alice In Chains, Tool and Korn, maybe add Staind in too …I’m just saying…
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