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Almost there!

So as I write this I am in the studio looking out the window at the fresh coating of snow that we got over the weekend and I realized that there are only twelve days left until Christmas!

And the best part of this is (I think) I may be done with my Christmas shopping.

Can you believe that!

Sure there are some random things to pick up but I really think that I am for the most part done.

This never happens!
Usually I am doing the mad dash the weekend before Christmas!
What the hell is wrong with me!?
And for those of you that are about to get started with your trips to the stores....Well...Good luck!

I did my one trip to the mall a year yesterday and it was a zoo!
Till next time!

Ps. See ya at Twisted Christmas Saturday night!

12/13/2010 10:42AM
Almost there!
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12/17/2010 7:42AM
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