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Alice in Wonderland Review...

As of right now. This very moment. March 8th, 2010 AD and less than 24 hours after viewing Alice in Wonderland at the Mainstreet AMC Theater I'm not all that impressed with Tim Burton's take on the Lewis Carroll classic.

There is a definate WOW factor when one watches this movie with the 3-D glasses on but once that fades you're left with a movie that just, for me, didn't live up to what I was wanting to see.

Now maybe, I'm a sucker for the older cartoon one. Maybe if I were to watch it again I'd have a better feeling for it. Maybe I'm just being old and grumpy, but for now I'm not a fan.

03/08/2010 4:01PM
Alice in Wonderland Review...
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03/09/2010 7:14PM
man that sucks i have/had high hopes for it also!! well im still gonna see it because of the whole 3d effect trip lol...
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