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Here is my view once again from high atop the Entercom building.

It seems all too familiar.

Another view of snow and more salt on the road than you can shake a stick at.

Adding insult to injury...we still have a month of winter left.

Even worse we are on the way to breaking a snow record for KC.

Don't get me wrong I do love snow.

But I like it around Christmas!

It also doesn't help that when watching the weather on the news (yes I watch allot of weather) that I am reminded that a year ago we were sunny and near 70.

This reminds me of the cold, snow filled, don't have school, kind of days I had growing up in Northern Iowa.

I'm ready to get the bike out for more than a few minutes.

I would even be ok with being a little cold but snow and bikes are a bad combo!

So all those in favor of sunny and 70 please raise your hands!
Till next time!


Ps. Yes I will probably be bitching about the heat here in about 5 months.

Come on spring!  Get here soon!

02/22/2010 1:09PM
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02/23/2010 12:13PM
Moose I bet it is very pretty in the spirng.
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