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A Rock'n'Roll Poll (Fully Interactive)

En route to work today I was listening to us and Moose threw down a tune by Zeppelin. Which one it was escapes me, but it led to an internal discussion about which rock star has the most distinguishable voice?

Is it Robert Plant? Geddy Lee? Maynard Keenan? Jimi Hendrix? James Hetfield? Steven Tyler? Axl Rose? Or none of the above.

I'm curious, from you guys, what you think, Who has the most distinguishable voice in Rock-n-Roll? Past and Present. And for kicks, state why!

11/04/2009 4:14PM
A Rock'n'Roll Poll (Fully Interactive)
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11/04/2009 4:42PM
rinn the geek
Axl's wine, Hatfield's growl, and Plant's vibrato are all unmistakable in my opinion. This is all so subjective, it whatever you ear connects with.
11/04/2009 4:57PM
I think Steve Perry from Journey has a very distinguishable voice. The notes that dude hits is crazy! On the heavier side of things I'm pretty sure I could pick out Josh Todd from Buckcherry. I heard a crazy story that he used to chain smoke and mix in a little bleach in all of his drinks to get his voice to sound like that, so his voice would be one of a kind!
11/04/2009 5:24PM
Ronnie James Dio.
11/04/2009 6:15PM
That would have to be (NOT in order): Robert Plant Jimi Hendrix Steve Perry Jim Morrison and the great Paul McCartney, each are amazing because...they just are
11/04/2009 9:09PM
Robert Plant & Chris Cornell I honestly believe Chris is better than Robert but love them both. I agree Hendrix & Morrison would be at the top of the list. And don't forget Paul Rodgers. 3 months ago I would have said Layne Staley but the new singer for AIC sounds so much like him its almost scary.
11/04/2009 9:33PM
dave mustaine is the most distinctive. he definitely defines the thrash (and more general) metal vocalist. with his range and tone he is able to master vocals that most other singers would cower away from. while others of his age and tenure have resortedto limited registers, mustaine still demonstrates an ability to move all around.
11/05/2009 7:40AM
Randy Pace
Freddie Mercury (Queen) Janis Joplin Jim Dandy Mangrum (Black Oak Arkansas) Geddy Lee (Rush) Meatloaf Josh Todd (Buckcherry) Neil Young Johnny Cash (yes, he is in the R 'n R Hall of Fame) Rod Stewart Bob Dylan (Hey, you didn't they had good voices, just distinguishable) Mick Jagger Steven Tyler Eric Clapton Jimi Hendrix Robert Plant
11/05/2009 2:20PM
F 'Em Up Chuck
What a tough question, man...Like "Rinn the Geek" said, It's all subjective. But, when you're looking for a distinguishable voice, you want one that no one can imitate. Hell, what would make it even better is people trying to imitate it, get close, but can't quite nail it. Axl Rose is one. Hendrix and Dylan. I think Maynard James Keenan is a definite unique voice...Sure, others sound like him, others have 'hints' of MJK in their voice, but you know it's HIM when you hear it. Can't forget the Prince of Darkness, either. Ozzy might not have the greatest singing voice, but man, you really don't hear much like it...And I think you gotta include 5FDP's Ivan Moody, Hatebreed's Jamey Jasta and, yes I'm gonna say it, Corey Taylor. No wrong answers, right?!
11/05/2009 3:28PM
I think Serj Tankian from System of the Down is very very distinct.
11/05/2009 3:31PM
11/05/2009 3:35PM
I would have to say Tom Keifer (Cinderella) has a very unique voice. Not that I like it, but he is different.
11/05/2009 3:53PM
Move over and let Jimmi take over #1 I agree Neil is the Harvest of voices Bob Dylan-distinguishable Brian Johnson-staight up BAD-ASS
11/05/2009 5:19PM
Lemmy from Motorhead
11/06/2009 3:48PM
Kimmy D
Geoff Tate gets my vote for his pipes. For old school, Brad Delp had great range. Gotta give it to Ann Wilson as the best female rock vocalist. Saw her live recently and she can still belt out the songs!
11/06/2009 3:50PM
unmentioned is GEOFF TATE OF QUEENSRYCHE! i saw them last year at freakers ball and they were incredible! the way that he sang every song from the past and had to hold the microphone away from his mouth as he sang was just amazing! as you all know i really like the music from the late 80's when it was head-banging music and really think that more should be played! i love sunday morning with house of hair as dee snider always plays the best but only for two hours...should be weekly but thats another story!
11/06/2009 5:37PM
Nivens, Man, it has to be Joe Cocker ~ pretty distinguishable, raspy harsh and not to be mistaken. But then again, I also think that Tom Keifer from Cinderella has an unmistakeable voice as well... There's alot of them, can hear a mile away... Dylan, I have to agree with but only because he sucks ass and is horrifically nasal! LMAO Just my .02 BTW ~ lookin' good *wink, wink*
11/07/2009 4:24PM
I would have to say... (and not in any special order) Chris Cornell Layne Staley Eddy Vedder Johnny Cash Janis Joplin and cant forget Tom Keifer (Cinderella)
11/08/2009 3:35AM
Hendrix ALL THE WAY!!
11/08/2009 3:50PM
Heidi Hendrickson
Ville Valo of the band HIM. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HIM_%28Finnish_band%29 His vocal range is amazing. Other notable voices I like are: Brent Smith of Shinedown. They kicked ass at Rock Fest and his voice is just incredible. Dani Filth of Cradle of Filth Rob Zombie they all rock my socks!
11/09/2009 10:39AM
For me I would have to say the one voice that stands out among them all is: Sammy Hagar.....he has more energy in his voice and just that sound he has when he sings, and shouts....nobody sounds like him...and it gets me going every time I hear any song by him.
11/09/2009 3:05PM
1. Robert Plant of course. The greatest voice in R&R all time 2. Dio - for a guy that is less than 5' tall he has some great pipes 3. Axel - Hate the guy but he does have a great voice! 4. Ozzy - enough said 5. Sully - He has such anger and swager inhis voice, love it. 6. Rob Halford - enough said 7. Brian Johnson - enough said 8. Steven Tyler - He can scream with the best of them
11/09/2009 3:05PM
Chris Cornell, Rob Zombie, Ozzy, Brent Smith, Eddy Vedder
11/10/2009 9:33AM
James Hatfield for sure. He's unmistakable!
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