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A HUGE Thank you!!

Thanks just doesn't seem to be enough for everyone who came out and rode/participated in the Bikers for Babies ride this past Sunday. I know we keep talking about how impressed we are that you keep supporting the things we do with the economy in the tank and things being tight but its something that still amazes us! That REALLY impies to BFB! Over 6,000 riders and over $660,000 raised!! Words simply can't put it into perspective. Once again you have shown the country what it means to have a heart and to think of something that is bigger than each of us. As a matter of fact, I'd say you set a new definition to the term "The Heart of America." No longer does it just mean the middle of the counrty, you have set the bar for the rest of the country to strive for when it comes charitable deeds. You should be proud of yourselves. I know that some people often look down their noses at bikers and think they're a nusence, but let me ask those same people this; when was the last time you saw a line of over 6,000 Rolls Royce, Bentlys and limos parading down the highway to raise money and awarness for such a great cause? And to do it year after year? There's has been a lot in the news lately about corporate greed and corruption, you have shown what it means to think and behave the exact opposite of that. I truly wish that the NATIONAL media would give even a fraction of the time they've dedicated to those stories to show the country and the world the example you have set here in Kansas City with the March of Dimes Bikers for Babies ride. Thanks to each and every one of you!!


09/22/2009 6:29AM
A HUGE Thank you!!
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09/22/2009 5:49PM
Bikers for Babies is the most touching charity event I think I have ever attended, this year was my first year riding, and I was a little apprehensive since im pregnant, but everyone assured me it would be okay, and it was absolutely amazing. I was brought to tears as we rode through Eudora and there was a little boy holding a sign that simply said "Thank You For Helping ME", and a little girl standing next to him with a sign that said "Thank you for saving my little brother" ... that hit home for me. These riders help thousands of children and families every year, and for that there is not enough gratitude that could ever be given. I am genuinely grateful to have been a part of this ride, and it will not be my last! Thank you for your stations continued support of such a wonderful cause. I made a slideshow of the picture I took while on the ride. Here's the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLmQf5sO4c0 again, thank you guys very very much! -Tiffani
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