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4 days later as a free man...My arrest, Part I

Greetings blog readers!

As I'm sure many of you know, yours truly joined the ranks of many other Americans out there when I was "Cuffed & Stuffed" on Monday. And in case any of you are concerned about my influence upon your children, I'll let you know, it was and is harmless. An unpaid ticket, of which I didn't show and handle properly, led to my arrest. A single, silly, $130 ticket... led me to my arrest. Cuffed & Stuffed style!

Here's a recap of what went down:

It's close to 2 PM on Monday, the 19th. I'm on I-35, southbound, out of downtown. As I'm taking the Metcalf exit I notice a Mission cop in my rearview mirror. I knew I had expired tags. Pure laziness, up to this point, is why they weren't renewed. As I turn left at the stoplight in front of the Super Target Officer Tom* turns on his lights. I pull into the Target parking lot and he tells me he stopped me for the very reason I know why he stopped me. I proceed to give him my driver's license and insurance. He comes back to my truck, back up in tow, and tells me I need to get out because there's a Bench Warrant for my arrest from the City of Mission. I don't believe this to be true, try to explain my situation about having to be on air at 3, and if I can handle this tomorrow seeing as I have no idea I'm even wanted by the law. On a side note, it's nice to be wanted, just not by the law...

There's some more discussion about how much this fine is for, $130 which the Officer asked if I had on me, how I need to park my truck and blah, blah, blah. Having grown up here in Kansas City, I know that not much crime in Mission happens. To this arresting officer, this is a tension filed moment of which he's trained for and prepared for his entire career. So much so that once out of my truck the co-arresting Officer Sanchez* says to me, "Sir! If you do not put your hands behind your back, WE WILL TAZER YOU!"

I'm not certain my reply. Could have been, "ARE YOU SERIOUS???" or "ARE YOU HIGH???" Luckily one of our sales goddesses, Jen Morten, came pulling through the parking lot. I tell her to inform A-Hole Bob I'm being taken to jail. Officer Sanchez tells her to proceed to Mission City Hall to post my $130 bond. She does so, and this is where it gets fun.

Officer Tom goes inside, gets my paperwork, and takes me to Olathe. Ms. Morten is pulling into Mission's City Hall as we're pulling out. I ask him what he's doing, he replies, "Taking you to Olathe to process." I ask him why were doing that when he told her to come bond me out. He states he never told her that. I said, "Ok, then your partner told her." He states, "I don't know what my partner told her." Then, on the ride out I hear a call on his radio, "... there's a woman her to post bond for Nivens." Again with the reply about taking me to Olathe. I ask him why were going out there when he saw my friend pulling in to pay the fine. His reply, "I don't know who your friend is".

I could go on and on about his aloofness bordering on ineptitude, but I got the picture. He wanted to show me just how much wrong I'm in and how it's his job to enforce the law. Ya know, "To Protect and Serve".

Don't worry Officer Tom, I got served. You did your job... and now, I'm doing mine :)

Come back Monday as I regale you with my processing and the little hottie they called Birdie or Tweety that took my now infamous mug shot (have you added your caption yet?)

ALSO... Sunday from 10 AM to Noon I'll be at Animal Haven. Stop by and let's help find some little critters a nice home!!

*Names changed to protect my ass!

10/22/2009 9:49AM
4 days later as a free man...My arrest, Part I
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10/22/2009 10:17AM
I love you Nivens! The blog rocks! Glad you didnt get tazed!
10/22/2009 11:04AM
Dude...you know full well he knew he told her to go to Mission City Hall...gotta love it how he plays dumb...and probably the most excitement he's had in awhile...he knowing who you were was probably getting a kick out of being an asshole, so he could gotell his bar buddies "who he arrested and took in and how he got over on you...haha". What a jerk....cops like these just piss me off.
10/22/2009 12:40PM
good thing you weren't in lenexa! i was in a bar one night as my tags were being run. they actually came in looking for me complete with a photo hot off their squad car computer. being cuffed and stuffed in a bar by lenexa police was bad enough but to make matters even worse they began to drill me with question after question. it was almost as if they trying to incite me to do something so they could get a charge of their own. i know there are plenty of good cops out there but all they had to do was simply tell me what was happening and i would have complied immediately.
10/24/2009 5:45AM
Don't Taze Me BRO!! Glad you're back!!!
10/24/2009 6:14PM
Don't you just hate "Little-man Syndrome"? So many people get into law enforcement just so they can prove to all of us that picked on them in high school that yeah, now we're the a-holes. They've got a serious chip on their shoulders, man. Maybe we should have been nicer to them in school. Oh well, no regrets! *and that being said, not all law officers are like that.*
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