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100 Mile Radius: Warrensburg, MO

Here it is...The first, official 100 Mile Radius video! This time, we're going to Warrensburg, Missouri to one of the best BBQ joints within 100 miles of Kansas City. Got an idea for 100 Mile Radius? Email me!

Basically, you need to find your way to Highway 50. We took 435 to 470 which then dumps us onto Highway 50. Take that all the way to 13, and head south! Cruise through town, pass Central Missouri State University, and just as the road turns a little, you're gonna find the little joint that serves some killer BBQ, Perry Foster's!

09/28/2009 7:12AM
100 Mile Radius: Warrensburg, MO
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10/25/2010 8:32PM
Hey, I can't view your site properly within Opera, I actually hope you look into fixing this.
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