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"So damn hot..."

...milk was a bad choice!"
Wow, so are we are on the second day of summer and it is just crazy hot!
I know it is summer and we all expect the heat but keep your older family. friends. and neighbors in mind.
Make sure they have the a/c on or let then hang out and cool down with you.
This is the kind of heat that can be dangerous!
Also watch out for the animals.
Make sure they have plenty of water and shade.
Welcome to summer!
And remember in about 6 months we will be bitching about the cold!

06/22/2009 5:34PM
"So damn hot..."
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06/30/2009 7:38AM
Major Ice Hole
Its SO FARKING COLD TODAY!!! Ha! No it's not but, just like you said a co-worker of mine that was frying last week is bitching the sun isn't out. Too Hot. Too Cold. People need to quit the bitching. Need to get drunk and laid more!
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