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(Update) What makes Dave Grohl cry.

True story... I believe it was Friday. Ali and I had come home after being out and about and flipped on the telly to a channel called Palladium. And much to my excitement it was a 2008 live performance of the Foo Fighters from Wembley. Thing was... Dave Grohl was on drums, Taylor Hawkins was singing, and joining them on stage was John Paul Jones and Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin and they were destroying it, I mean absolutely decimating a cover of "Rock n Roll"! Totally killing it... All in a good way. Naturally, the crowd was going ape sh!t!!

After snapping a couple few photos, and thanking Jones and Page, Grohl proclaimed to the audience, "Today is the greatest f**king day of my entire life!!" Again, crowd went ape sh!t! They, the Foo, then closed out the show with their number of "Best of You" with all band members in their proper places.

When you watch this below, take note about halfway thru of how truly amazing an experience this was to the band and Grohl especially. Made me tingle all over. Enjoy.

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11/30/2009 1:38PM
(Update) What makes Dave Grohl cry.
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12/28/2009 5:18PM
How very cool is that....I love the Foo Fighters and cant wait until I can catch them in concert next time around. You know for him, that has to be an extremely overwhelming experience to hear the crowd singing right back at you. Thanks for posting it....love anything that is live with crowd participation...and yep...it gave me goose bumps!!
12/28/2009 7:12PM
Jennifer Marshall
I heart Dave Grohl, and this is the very reason why!! He is the epitome of a rock star, and he is as big as they get, but he is still somehow so humble and real, and I just want to reach through the screen and hug him. He is AWESOME at everything he does, and watching him pound on those drums again just puts a big smile on my face. Some of these other band members that think their s@!t doesn't stink should really learn a thing or two from Dave and Co.-Dave is a rock god and he still knows how to smile and be grateful and he still gets starstruck! This is a great DVD btw. Thanks for posting.
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